Putting the kids to work! Helping our church tear down after service.
Daddy date… Fanta and Spaghetti!
Daddy date… Fanta and Schnitzel!
Everyone loves riding bikes!
Our son, the future street musician.
Bike ride on a sunny fall afternoon.

Villers la Ville Abbey

Traveling does have its perks. One of the places I was able to see a few days ago on a work trip is Villers Abbey. I have visited numerous times over the years and it is apparent that they are actively working on restoring large portions of the ruins. Its always been a thoughtful place for me, a place to walk in silence, to observe, to think and consider.








Wandern ist des Müllers Lust… 

One of the boys’ classes was going on a school outing to an old castle 30 minutes drive south of Erfurt. Papa B was going to be here, too, so we made a Man-Day. A few days before the preparations went into full swing: we bought manly snacks and packed them in our manly backpacks. The email from the organizers said that though you could drive there, some would meet at a bus stop in a nearby village and hike to the castle. Well, that sounded manly, so that’s what we were going to do.

The day arrived, beautiful and sunny. We got everything ready, filled our water bottles and got our hiking shoes on, and set out for the village. We got there, just in time. After the bus came and went on which the other hikers were supposed to come, and no one got off, we knew that we’d missed something.

Well, there was nothing to do but to start hiking.

We saw many wonderful things… 


… including brilliant fields of raps


… deer stands


(… and cows, many dandelions which got decapitated, sheep/goats, hippies, but sadly dad didn’t think of taking pictures of those)

… and finally, the castle itself (where the hippies live). We got there about 40 minutes too late. I guess dad had done the manly thing and wasn’t detailed enough in his planning.


And where were the others? They either drove all the way to the castle or started from a nearer village. We ended up walking a total of 10 KM there and back! That’s pretty good. Its good we had our manly snacks along, otherwise we would’ve run out of fuel for the way back.

I was so proud of my boys!

Beautiful Erfurt

Erfurt at Night

Erfurt is a beautiful city and historically very significant. Erfurt is where Martin Luther was a University students, a monk, and later a priest. At that time Erfurt was printing nearly half the books for all of Germany, and every monastic order had a chapter house in the city. If you like European history, Erfurt and the surrounding region had no small part to play in it.