1 year!

Happy first birthday to my sweet,

bottom scootin’,

‘knows what she wants,’

baby girl!

We love you!!

So many posts…

I just want to start out by saying, there have been so many (so, SO many) posts I have been meaning to write (like since before Christmas), and I just haven’t made it to my computer to write them. I have taken pictures with my phone, thinking: “This will be a good post,” trying to encourage myself, to remember, to sit down and POST!

Well, needless to say, that obviously did not happen.

I might one day do a really long post, with all the pictures I’ve taken. Or post individual posts that are way out of date. I’ll keep you posted. Ha! 😉

Now let me start. Today.

Today is my boys’ 8th birthday. WOW!

They were awoken by a birthday Skype serenade… horns tooting, birthday song, “Good morning boys!!” and all, by Gram and Papa B. What a way to start the day! Celebrate!

I dropped the boys off at school, each with their own brownies (per their request) and apple slices to share with the kids. Each awaited a surprise at their desk. 🙂

(Please excuse the blurry pictures… dim lighting, holding a baby, old phone. Excuses, excuses!!)

At home, I’ve been eagerly preparing for their celebration tonight. A key lime pie is waiting in my refrigerator, along with chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate frosting and sprinkles to be enjoyed after dinner tonight. Oh, and birthday meal of choice: homemade Mac n’ Cheese. (A favorite of the boys at the moment). Presents are laid out… and have definitely been eyed. 😉 I think that is what they are most excited about – besides turning 8.

Happy birthday sweet boys! Your mom and dad love you like crazy!!

The surest measure of the passage of time

Children, in my mind, are the surest measure of the passage of time. The start squatty and small, yet day be day (with some love and some food) they grow… and grow and grow and grow.
Before you know it,
they look like sausages stuffed in too-small clothing,
they are bumping both the top and the bottom of a bed,
they are grabbing everything within reach,
they are creeping across the floor like… like the slow steady creep of time itself.

And so, I’ve come full circle… if you want to keep track of time, have a baby.

The bug…


Well, this was our week.

It started with baby, then went to momma, then to sister, and then to brothers.

Lucky daddy managed to escape the bug so far.

But I am so thankful for his helpful and caring hands as we were laid up for a couple of days and sleepless nights. I love you sweetie!

Something about fall…

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about fall that makes me want to bake cinnamony goods, serve up a hearty stew with biscuits, drink hot cups of coffee or tea.

It makes me want to feel all cozy inside.

Maybe because the weather is changing?


Winter is knocking at the door?

I want to hibernate?

Who knows, but whatever it is… it makes me feel all homey.

I think it must do this to others, too, because just yesterday, I was dreaming about sinking my teeth into homemade pumpkin doughnuts with a glaze, when I got a call from my hubby.

“What ingredients do I need to pick up at the store to make those Christmas cinnamon rolls in Paul Hollywood’s cookbook?”


Uh-oh, he got bit by the fall bug, too! 😉



Saturday morning…

While daddy was gone to a meeting this morning, we went to the park.


img_0573img_0572It was a little cool…

Oh, and aren’t these the coolest rain boots?!


The white dots turn different colors when they get wet. I had no idea when I bought them, and was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

Belated Birthday Party!

A little late, but never a reason not to celebrate our 4-year-old girl!


Our kindergarten likes making a special occasion of each child’s birthday: Celebrating growth, personal achievements, and just making the child feel really special.


Since we were in the States during our sweetie’s birthday, the kindergarten was unable to celebrate her. Upon our return, they promptly asked if we could have a belated birthday party for her. Sure!


Last night, my little helper and I baked up mini-chocolate chip cookies, with mini Smarties (similar to M&Ms) instead of chocolate chips, and poked 30-40 grapes and cheese cubes onto toothpicks.


This morning, we picked out a dress and braided her hair, and set off to kindergarten to celebrate!

On a side note, she got a little confused at first, and thought maybe she was turning 5. Ha! 😀