Applesauce time!

My mother says the best applesauce apples are Gravensteins. And I must agree! They are full of flavor and no extra sugar or juice is needed.

We discovered, last year, that they have Gravenstein apples in Germany. I’ve never seen them in the grocery store, but found them at a roadside vendor and at a farmers market.

Last weekend we checked out our local roadside vendor and found the Gravensteins were in! YES! Applesauce time…


Oh the sweet smell of cooking apples. 🙂

Summer time and the livin’ is easy…

… well, not necessarily. But there are definitely some fun perks we are enjoying right now. Such as eating homemade ice cream… 

eating ice cream

or BBQing with friends… 


or dressing up as knights (or something)… 

knights in sparkling armor

or simply playing in the dirt.


Yes, summertime is a good time. Now, better get back to work… 😀


I made my first freezer meal today!

Well, at least a planned one. I have had leftovers and stuck them in my freezer before.

But my freezer is so small, I never tried to do any freezer meals.

Well, we ended up getting a second freezer, and I hope to be making more freezer meals to have on hand.

Now, you might be thinking… “Enchiladas?” (or maybe not…)

But these are pretty special, because they have refried beans in them.


“Refried beans?!?!?” What’s so special about refried beans?”

Well, let me tell you. We don’t have them here.

We had a group of students from Texas here these last 2 weeks, and they brought us 4 huge cans of refried beans (along with some other fantastic goodies).


Imagine lugging those things over here… and just for us! We are so so SO spoiled. (Thank you so much Texas Team!)


When the Texans left, they gave us their leftover Chili powder. YAHOO!!

(They don’t have chili powder here.)

With the chili powder, I could make homemade enchilada sauce.

(They don’t have canned or powdered enchilada sauce over here either.)

Can you sort of see why enchiladas are a tad bit special to us?


Any who! I made up two pans, one for dinner and one for the freezer.


Tonight, I proudly stuck our first freezer meal in our deep freeze.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. (Please. Hold your applause.) 😉

On a side note… the boys didn’t like the enchiladas. They were too spicy for them.


Here’s what’s cookin’ in my kitchen…

Nebraska Beef Buns
Nebraska Beef Buns

With a few alterations to the original recipe, due to some of the ingredients being unavailable in Germany (like Colby Jack cheese), I sampled this delicious new* recipe today.

Interestingly, the recipe for this beef bun comes from German-Russian immigrants who settled in the Midwest in the 1870’s. It’s almost like I’ve made a full circle for this bun. Here I am in Germany, bringing the bun home. 😀

What’s cookin’ in your kitchen?

*By new, I mean new to me.

Time keeps on marching…

Here are a few pictures I have been taking (or my hubby) over the last month for you to enjoy.

I have been thinking of you all (hence the pictures)… just haven’t made it to my blog to let you know.

Winter bike rides!
Winter bike rides!


Playing peek-a-boo. Peek! I see you! :)
Playing peek-a-boo. Peek! I see you! 🙂


Soup galore!!
Soup galore!!

Students for Christ had a “Run and Dine” event to celebrate the end of the semester. We hosted the “Vorspeise” part of dinner. (That comes before the main course… soup or salad anyone?)

Valentine surprise from Gram and Papa B.
Valentine surprise from Gram and Papa B.


A rose from each of my boys for Valentine's day. :)
A rose from each of my boys for Valentine’s day. 🙂


First munch on a baby cracker. Yum!
First munch on a baby cracker. Yum!


A J & M wrap!
A J & M wrap!


Riding home from Kindergarten on the tram. Daddy was following us on his bike.
Riding home from Kindergarten on the tram. Daddy was following us on his bike.







Watch out! Hubbie in the kitchen…

My love had been hankering after a family favorite recipe, and finally decided to make it himself, since his wifey wasn’t getting around to it. 😉

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake.

I got some action shots and the end results. (Although, I forgot to take a picture of the cake once it was “upside down.”)

This is serious business… can you tell?

Ooo… feel the burn!

The rhubarb: garden fresh.

The secret ingredient: mini marshmallows

Gently press them down.

Ready for the oven.


Voila! Guten Appetit!

Pizza for dinner

Friday night, Pizza night. Yum.

I was putting together our pizzas, and having just popped them in the oven, one of my boys walks through the kitchen.

<sniff, sniff> “Pizza!” <sniff> <sniff> <sniff>

Child exits kitchen.

All I could do was laugh. Way too funny!


Thanksgiving feast

There is so much to be thankful for.

One of those things, which I am thankful for, is family. We were blessed to have my husband’s parents with us for Thanksgiving. It makes the day all the more special.

I also got lots of help in the kitchen. It was fun to share this task with my mom-in-law. Here are a few sneak peeks into our Thanksgiving feast. Enjoy!

Note: We would have had “stuffing the turkey” pictures, but we forgot to get the camera man out till after the turkey was stuffed.

Happy Thanksgiving!


We are having a family reunion with my side of the family this week, and it has been so much fun seeing all of my niece and nephews again.

Here are  a few pictures from the first of our week. My sister arrived first with her two boys, and then my brother’s family followed a few days later. These pictures are from before my bother’s family arrived. I will continue to post more pictures throughout this week.

Oh, I did manage to bake a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie with some of the strawberries my dad brought home. 🙂