Papa, let’s build a house… with a tower!

“Papa B, let’s build a house… with a tower!”

Those were the words that started a summer-long project. Papa B, the construction foreman, and his two apprentices, began to work. They have learned to saw, to pound nails, to use clamps, to measure, and many other valuable things. Thanks, Papa B!

It all started, of course, with some conceptual, semi-architectural drawings of what they wanted.
It all started, of course, with some conceptual, semi-architectural drawings of what they wanted.
Just about the right height for two seven year olds… and don't forget the safety helmet!
Just about the right height for two seven year olds… and don’t forget the safety helmet!
From the side… it even has a window!
From the side… it even has a window!
Using the screw gun!
Using the screw gun!
Everyone get's a turn!
Everyone get’s a turn!
Working with the clamp.
Working with the clamp.
Measuring with their own measuring tapes.
Measuring with their own measuring tapes.
That's loud!
That’s loud!

Summer time and loving it!

Summer in American with the grandparents is a wonderful time. Exploring, learning, tasting, relating. The time is going too fast!

In America and with the Grandparents
In America and with the Grandparents
"We've got some sawing to do boys."
“We’ve got some sawing to do boys.”
Staining the deck… yes, more stain was on the deck than on the kids —barely.
Staining the deck… yes, more stain was on the deck than on the kids —barely.
The kids discovering a genuine American water fountain.
The kids discovering a genuine American water fountain.
Eating at Zeke's. You have to stop at Zeke's when crossing Stevens Pass.
Eating at Zeke’s. You have to stop at Zeke’s when crossing Stevens Pass.
It was delicious, and so was the view.
It was delicious, and so was the view.
Emile and I celebrating our 44th birthday.
Emile and I celebrating our 44th birthday.
A daddy-date at the local malt shop.
A daddy-date at the local malt shop.
"Look ma, I can ride a bike!"
“Look ma, I can ride a bike!”
Tis blackberry season. You should've seen the pie we made!
Tis blackberry season. You should’ve seen the pie we made!
Just beautiful!
Just beautiful!
Papa B's little helper.
Papa B’s little helper.
Did you know it can snow in July?
Did you know it can snow in July?
On a hiking adventure.
On a hiking adventure.
A rest with Papa B.
A rest with Papa B.
Overview of Wenatchee
Overview of Wenatchee

A day in Port Townsend

Yesterday, we drove to Port Townsend to have a picnic with some friends.

And what a lovely day it was for a picnic at the park! Glorious sunshine!!

We got up early in hopes of catching the 8:50 AM ferry across the Sound, but alas, there was a line up and we ended up catching the next ferry. The wait wasn’t terrible (especially when daddy climbs in the back seat and plays a video game as a distraction for the boys.)

It was well worth the wait, because the boys love ferry rides. They call them “Big, big, BIG boats.”

On the deck of the ferry.
Looking out the window at all the boats.
The other ferry on its return route. It looks pretty much like the one we were on.
Me, enjoying the sun and watching my boys delight in the ferry ride.

Our friends are from Port Townsend, so they new of a “secret” park, (ie. one that the tourists don’t know about), where we could picnic and then enjoy a bit of the beach.

This was a new adventure for the boys. And they loved it!

Poking at little sea creatures that would squirt water at you (this may have been a clam??). Lots of rocks and sand to stick your hands in and water to splash about in.

What a fun day we had. Thank you!!

The Adventures of Farmer John

During our time in the metropolis of Rosberg we decided to visit “the farm.” Thanks to some dairy farmers, who are good friends of the family, we were going to get a good look at real cows, not just the ones in picture books. The boys got all dressed for the part, their rubber boots on with their striped overalls tucked in.

These are the adventures of one of these boys, the boy we shall call “Farmer John.”

As we navigated our way up the dirt driveway, the first thing Farmer John spotted was tractors. After struggling mightily with the racing harness in his conveyance, he popped out and raced for biggest and baddest of them. After all, there was work to be done!

Once upon his work vehicle, he roamed around and spotted cows. He never realized that they were so big! Farmer John didn’t think that it’d be wise to be down so low, so from here on out, he road his ‘mule.’

From up on high he could take a proper survey of his realm. “Ah yes,” said Farmer John to himself, “in there are the two-year olds. Watch out you little ‘uns, them there cows can be mighty jumpy!”

The fine looking ladies, he took to see the newest calves he had. “This here calf I’m a callin’ Rose, lil’ Miss, because you smell so fine and sweet.” “Why,” said ‘Rose’, “what do you feed these fine animals, Farmer John? Do you feed them grass?” “No ma’m,” replied Farmer John, “them critters eat hay.”

For the grand finale, he called everyone together to have a group picture down at the haystack. “Everyone say ‘cheese’!”

Huntin’ Eggs

After driving for five and a half hours (and missing the boys’ nap!) instead of merely a little under five hours, because I was determined to take the scenic route to the cozy hamlet of Rosburg, WA, where my in-laws live, I was sure happy to step out of the car and unkink my knees.

“I must be getting older,” I thought to myself.

I had barely stepped foot in the door, when I was invited on a tour of the house by their cute, little 5 year old girl. She was excited for two reasons: 1. because we were staying in her room, and 2. the bags for each of the kids with the Easter goodies were stashed in the room next door.

Well, Easter finally arrived.

After church services and Easter meals (wow, was that good!), some of us adults hid the Easter eggs. The older kids were chomping at the bit, knowing all the sugary goodness hidden inside those plastic spheres, the younger ones, including my boys were completely oblivious.

But they quickly caught on…

“Hey Momma, what’s inside?”, one of our boys asks. : D

It took them till 9 PM to get to sleep that night. I wonder why…

p.s. Here’s a bonus family picture.

Location:Rosburg, WA

Pit stops

Along the road of our travels up the east coast to Vermont and then over to Maine and back, we had to make a few pit stops. Potty breaks, lunch breaks, and stretch-your-legs-and-get-the-wiggles-out breaks.

On one occasion, we treated the boys to a milkshake. We got one to share between the four of us.

The boys did really well, passing it back and forth and taking their sip. They even let mommy enjoy her sips. 🙂

The boys turned 3 and another little thing…

I know I have been away way too long. My sweet husband had to post the first post in almost a month, since I was slacking on my job.

Please forgive me!

(Are you ready for my poor excuse?)

We have been moving around so much lately (as you can tell by the last post… we were on the east coast), and I always find it hard to have the energy to type a post when we are transient. Then I get so far behind, I don’t know where or what to start posting about. It is a downward spiral from there.

So, like I said, my sweet husband took the initiative to help get me, and you, back on track by writing a post, and then promising that we would post again the next day.

Here I am, FINALLY posting. And that’s the short of it. (And we are not even at home… still living from a suitcase.)

As the title of this post mentions, the boys turned 3! (I am still in denial… where has the time gone?!)

We were staying with my husband’s brother and wife in Virginia when this special event occurred. How did we celebrate you ask? We were going to go to the zoo, but the weather was terrible, so instead, my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law treated us to Chuck E. Cheeses!!

This was a hit! The boys loved it. We ordered a pizza and they didn’t eat it till we left because they were having so much fun. It was a good thing I held a piece aside for them, otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten any. 😀

The day before we went to a fun and fancy grocery store, Wegmans, where we picked out a delicious, fresh-fruit tart for the boys birthday cake.

We found a cart with steering wheels! The boys thought this was pretty awesome.

Once we got home from Chuck E. Cheeses, we washed our hands.

And then we ate the delectable fruit creation. Oh was it good. It was so good, I felt like I was celebrating MY birthday! 😀

As for the other little thing. Some of you may know already, but I have yet to say anything on my blog. You may have noticed a little tummy on me in the hand washing picture above? Yes, I am expecting. Lord willing, we should be welcoming a little girl into our family the beginning of July.

And yes, only one this time. 😉


Airplanes, helicopters and rockets

One of the fun things you can do while living the nomadic lifestyle, is visit cool museums, such as the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles International Airport. The boys love anything that flies, including helicopters, airplanes, and things they throw. In the picture below, Johnny is explaining how they fly.

They also loved the big jets!

But after about an hour, and after dad was too tired carrying a boy in each arm, we decided to go and eat something. Yah, that’s a good idea!

See you all next tomorrow with more adventures from our time out east. Bye bye.

Location:Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Howdy, y’all!

Sometimes, five days in Texas is just what a body needs… sunshine, great food, and even better company! We flew to Houston from Chicago after a wonderful time with the church in Skokie, IL, to spend time with the Sam Houston State University Chi Alpha group. There were a number of students who had been on teams visiting us in Germany during our last term, and we were eager to see them. Most of the time we were kept pleasantly busy meeting with students, sharing with interns, and, of course, playing with our boys.

We didn’t take many pictures on the trip, but those we have, we’ll share with you. 🙂

The boys loved being on an airplane. They were not happy until they were on it. It was torture, otherwise, for them. They could see the plane, but it was just out of their reach.

Enjoying the Texas sun. Delicious.

The cute little apartment we stayed in; part of the Chi Alpha building.

Cute boys wrestle-cuddling

We came away profoundly blessed by the hospitality and friendship expressed by the students, interns and staff of the group. If any of you from SHSU out there are reading this, accept our sincere Thank You!

A day in Chicago with a friend

This past week we were in Texas, with the Sam Houston Chi Alpha, so thus the long absence from y’all. 😉

But I will write about that next time.

Right before we flew down to Texas, we were in Chicago. We were having a Sunday church service there, but we also have a dear family friend who lives in the city. We decided to arrive a day early and spend the Saturday with our friend. Actually, we planned this trip almost a year ago.

Our Saturday began with IHOP. Breakfast is a must, and where else than IHOP with two little boys who LOVE pancakes.

Much to the waitress’s surprise, the boys finished off their 2 pumpkin pancakes (two apiece, that is) all by themselves. It was no surprise to us, we know how much they love those things!

After breakfast, we headed to pick up our friend at her apartment. From there we went straight to the aquarium.

What a fabulous time we had at the aquarium! Beluga whales, penguins, jellyfish, and much much more. And the boys were fascinated by it all.

After eating lunch there, we left for our friend’s apartment, where we were going to attempt a nap with the boys.

While they were in their separate rooms, not sleeping, we chatted and looked at the view from her apartment. She lived right on Lake Michigan. Here is a picture we took from the roof.

After the unsuccessful nap time, we took the boys to a nearby park. It was good to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the sun.

The park led to a beach front, where we stopped to throw rocks for a bit, before heading back to the apartment.

At the apartment, the boys played with stacking blocks, cars, and we even sang!

“The wheels on the bus go round and round….”

Our dear friend treated us to a delicious meal of middle eastern take out. Yum! Thank you so much!

Then we headed “home” to our hotel and tucked the boys in for the night, reminiscing about our wonderful day spent in Chicago.