Basketball Fasching and Princess

When the boys came home with free tickets for a BBL basketball game, we jumped on it as a way to make a memory. They have never been to any professional sports event before and had never seen the game of basketball played, not even on the internet.

One of the boys was not feeling the best, but with a good dose of pain meds we set off. He really wanted to go. Our team, the Gotha Rockets, lost, but the atmosphere was great. It was so loud that for the first half the boys sat with their hands over their ears. At halftime we “fortified” with a Fanta and a Sprite. Feeding sugar water to your mouth helps the ears get used to the noise. Great fun!

Go team!
Can you get so close for an NBA game? When the game was done, the team walked right by us to exit the arena.

Then the sickness hit. By Thursday morning we had two sick boys, and by noon, dad joined in too. After a few days of agony, recovery began. When the iPad time is limited, you start getting creative!

There were numerous axes and spaceships made too.

The only one not to get sick was the girl who got to enjoy Fasching. It’s the celebration before Lent begins, and for the kids it is a fun time to eat candy, dress up, and have a party. Both the school and the kindergarten take a whole day to celebrate. At our daughter’s Kindergarten, (for how Kindergarten is done in Germany, where it was invented, look here) you can go for two days in dress up clothes (one of the benefits of Kindergarten).

Day 1: Spiderman (girl).
Day 2: Princess (of course)

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  1. How wonderful. I grinned the entire time I was reading your creative report. God bless you for serving Him overseas. How enriching for all of your lives. Till next week!

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