So many posts…

I just want to start out by saying, there have been so many (so, SO many) posts I have been meaning to write (like since before Christmas), and I just haven’t made it to my computer to write them. I have taken pictures with my phone, thinking: “This will be a good post,” trying to encourage myself, to remember, to sit down and POST!

Well, needless to say, that obviously did not happen.

I might one day do a really long post, with all the pictures I’ve taken. Or post individual posts that are way out of date. I’ll keep you posted. Ha! 😉

Now let me start. Today.

Today is my boys’ 8th birthday. WOW!

They were awoken by a birthday Skype serenade… horns tooting, birthday song, “Good morning boys!!” and all, by Gram and Papa B. What a way to start the day! Celebrate!

I dropped the boys off at school, each with their own brownies (per their request) and apple slices to share with the kids. Each awaited a surprise at their desk. 🙂

(Please excuse the blurry pictures… dim lighting, holding a baby, old phone. Excuses, excuses!!)

At home, I’ve been eagerly preparing for their celebration tonight. A key lime pie is waiting in my refrigerator, along with chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate frosting and sprinkles to be enjoyed after dinner tonight. Oh, and birthday meal of choice: homemade Mac n’ Cheese. (A favorite of the boys at the moment). Presents are laid out… and have definitely been eyed. 😉 I think that is what they are most excited about – besides turning 8.

Happy birthday sweet boys! Your mom and dad love you like crazy!!

3 Replies to “So many posts…”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to “The Birthday Boys,” Johnny and Matthias! It sounds like their birthday could only have been better if their daddy had been there to help them celebrate. You did a great job, Kristen. God bless you and your whole family! <3

  2. Happy Birthday to the boys…Sounds like they had a great “eating” day, and a super fun wake-up call from Gram and Papa B. I can’t wait to see them too. Love you all.

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